When I find myself amidst a storm I cannot control, I root myself in one of the many practices I have discovered over the years for quieting my mind. Pro-tip: It doesn’t have to be yoga asana.

Chanting mantra with my harmonium, taking a walk, tidying, and calling a friend are all ways in which I restore a sense of balance to the many aspects of my life. Our minds are connected to more than just our bodies. We are connected to the spaces in which we live. We are connected to our deeper, emotional selves. We are connected to nature more intrinsically than we let ourselves believe. We are connected to each other.

We are sure you are dealing with your own version of how the current global crisis is affecting you. Please, reach out to any one of us if you need help, food, or just the simple assurance that everything will be alright.

We are going to try to make some yoga practices and meditations available to you on our website and social media. A little light in the dark.

With love. Be safe.

Your friends @ Outermost Yoga

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