I grew up coming to Cape Cod (Wellfleet) to visit a great aunt in the summertime. After she passed away, my family continued a yearly tradition of visiting every August. Each year I would count down the days with more fervor than I would count down to Christmas. I moved here 12 years ago after finishing school and earning a degree, continuing to come back to the Outer Cape like a homing pigeon. I love the community here for its stewardship of the land and ocean and our dedication to taking care of each other.

My journey into yoga began as a way to mitigate the stressors of an injury from collegiate sports. Unable to walk or run, I came to yoga by way of a friend and instantly fell in love with the practice for the way it soothed my scattered mind. The most profound effect yoga has had on me is the way I interact with the world. Through the practice, I’ve found more grace, more equanimity, more awareness of myself and others.

Everything I’ve done up to this point informs my teaching. From surfing to biomechanics, writing to neuropsychology, I find inspiration and points of study in every nook and cranny of my life. My original teachers are Don and Amba Stapleton, of Nosara Yoga Institute, who instilled a firm belief that we are multi-dimensional in every way possible. They allowed me to set a solid foundation of self-inquiry first, teaching second. I’ve continued my education with Ally Bogard, Elena Brower, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, and Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga. I like to see my style of teaching like a soup, each of my teachers providing a necessary ingredient, but the overall taste and consistency depends on how and when I add each piece.

My favorite kind of yoga to practice is the kind that I need to practice more often: a blend of pranayama, restorative, and mediation

I would like to share with the world my passion for helping others unlock creativity through breathwork, asana, and writing. I run workshops in the winter in Wellfleet called Chaos to Clarity that do just that, sometimes with creative writing, sometimes with more structured goal-oriented mind mapping. Beyond this, I’m a psych nerd, so anyway I can link the latest research on our Central Nervous System and the yoga practice? I’m there.

Learn more about Emma at her website www.emmadoyleyoga.com and follow her on IG @emmaj.doyle.

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