OUTERMOST YOGA’s team of talented healers is equipped to provide the following bodywork + massage services:

HYPERVOLT – Looking for a quick session of full-body myofascial release? We’ve got you covered with percussion therapy, which helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness,  improves range of motion, promotes circulation, and accelerates warmup and recovery. Used by pro-athletes and physical therapists alike, the Hypervolt is the massage reinvented.

30-MINUTES – $50 in-studio / $60 out-call
10-PACK – $450 – SAVE $50

HOLISTIC BODYWORK – a combination of techniques from Swedish, deep tissue, therapeutic, and Thai, this session is sure to leave you feeling as open and relaxed as you would after an hour of power yoga.

60-MINUTES – $120 in-studio / $140 out-call
90-MINUTES – $180 in-studio / $200 out-call
10-PACK 60-MINUTES – $1000 – SAVE $200

THAI YOGA MASSAGE* – This healing art was developed in India 2,500 years ago by the Buddha’s own physician. Using his or her own body weight to leverage yours, the provider moves you through a sequence of stretches and forms to alleviate your stresses. It’s a comprehensive treatment which reduces muscular tension, relaxes the joints, works out the “knots” (calcification of lactic acid in the muscles), and improves blood circulation by targeting affected areas without tiring or straining the region.

60-MINUTES – $120 in-studio / $140 out-call
90-MINUTES – $180 in-studio / $140 out-call
10-PACK 60-MINUTES – $1000 – SAVE $200

*Because of Massachusetts state regulations regarding massage licensing, any Asian “massage” modality or bodywork practice apart from regularly licensed deep tissue and Swedish massage can only be referred to as “bodywork.” Please refer to Massachusetts General Laws, Part 1, Title XVI, Ch. 112, Sec. 228 for more information, if it matters to you.