7/17 Pelvic Empowerment for Men w/ Deb


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The pelvic floor is glorious and mysterious. It holds a powerful influence in much of our lives being the source of our creation, and many delights and desires. It holds so much power that when dysfunctions appear it can negatively impact our lifestyles and our confidence. 
Copious research and treatment options for pelvic floor are more readily available for women, but what about men. Men have pelvic floors too and many issues stem from or contribute to male pelvic floor dysfunction. However, men rarely discuss these issues due to social cultural taboos or embarrassment and often suffer in silence.  Many physicians and other healthcare practitioners have a poor understanding of the pelvic floor, don’t really know how to help and sometimes mis-diagnose conditions related to it. 
Issues that are related to or can originate from the pelvic region are pain or discomfort in the penis, testicles, perineum, prostate, anus, groin, low back, or hips. Other symptoms that affect quality of life are erectile dysfunction, frequency, urgency and stream of urine. Pelvic pain can also be caused by emotional or physical trauma, cancer, surgical trauma, radiation treatments the colon, prostate, anal, or scrotal organs. Pelvic floor yoga can help you maintain or regain your confidence and enhance the quality of your life.
In this work shop we will: 
Discuss causes of male pelvic floor dysfunction
Review the mail pelvic anatomy 
Deepen the mind body connection to enhance subtle awareness
Learn 4 subtle physiological cues to awaken subtle pelvic floor awareness
Explore how to balance the nervous system through breath work
Discover correct breathing patterns to optimize natural bio-mechanical movement
Demonstrate self-care myofacial release techniques to develop pliability of the pelvic floor
Demystify mula bandha
Integrate somatic, hatha and vinyasa functional yoga with proper engagement of the pelvic     floor to incorporate in your home practice