8/20 Happy Hips: Happy Life Workshop w/ Todd Norian



Happy Hips: Happy Life – A Therapeutic Yoga Class For the Hips and Lower Back
90-Minute Workshop with Todd Norian, Founder of Ashaya Yoga
20 AUGUST 2019 12:00PM – 1:30PM

All Levels of Students, Teachers, Healers 

If you are prone to tight hips and lower back aches, then this workshop is for you. Using the precise, therapeutic alignment method of Ashaya Yoga®, you practice a sequence of poses and therapeutic exercises designed to open, balance, and heal your hips and lower back. Release tension and find the place in the middle where your heart opens and you realize your true nature which is joy. All poses are accessible, therapeutic, with some partner work included.

$30 in advance or at the door. Mats and props provided.